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The Collaborator

John Moore, The CollaboratorJohn Moore is The Collaborator and is the Founder of The Collaborator, LLC.

The Collaborator is a tip of the hat to the core beliefs that John brings to his work, as noted here:

TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY, and COLLABORATION are centerpieces to success.

Every human should have a place to share, learn, and collaborate to achieve their full potential — all while being treated with respect and empathy

Every business should deliver value to their employees, customers, partners, and shareholders, in that order.”

John Moore, The Collaborator

The Collaborator Mission, and the purpose behind all of our work is to bring forth this reality to the world business, and in so doing:
  • Create an opportunity for people across the globe to find work that is good economically and for their souls via a profession known as Revenue and Sales Enablement.
  • As a result, create tremendous value for companies that do Enablement well, and in line with the four pillars outlined above.

The Collaborator has begun this process by initially creating the global leader in insight and best practices for the Enablement community:  Trust Enablement.

However, this is just a start — but you’ll have to wait to learn more about the future as we construct it together.

In addition to the work underway via Trust Enablement, John also:

  • Is a board member of the Boston Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society.
  • Is an advisor to a handful of businesses looking to achieve similar goals.
  • Frequently speaks to audiences large and small.
  • Writes like it’s going out of style.